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With this new promotional project we want to combine all the experience acquired over the years and we believe the  
strategic merger between Audio and Video promotion for the benefit of the artists who are with us a valuable promotional support to their music.


Currently Indie Radio International, has its programming type 24/7-365 in hi fi stereo Dolby Surround;
This revolutionary technology gives our listeners a musical quality really overwhelming in terms of clarity and amplification and can be better appreciated on equipment designed for listening to music in Dolby Surround.

  • Sound quality
  • Enveloping sound
  • Power
  • Amplification
The taste of your music


​The term "services" we mean a number of opportunities that we offer to artists who contact our staff, we realize all the possibilities Needed to provide visibility and made contacts among the artists themselves, managers, creating real opportunities in terms of music and professional relations with the public .
This is one of our main services for artists as it combines two opportunities simultaneously or the audio track with the video.
This is our main TV channel ably
managed by Pasquale Murano
video creation and adaptation,
these are the principles that our TV.
That's an important section devoted to interviews of artists and bands managed professionally by Shirlee Hydemorris

A COVERSATION WITH by Shirlee Hydemorris

Introduction of the Indie Radio & TV Channels and Indie Radio International's segment: A Conversation With Featuring: Shirlee Hydemorris -Shirlee has left no one out! She has thought to invite, some of the pioneers in the Arts as well as Photographers, Talent Agents, Composers, Producers, and Supporters in, for some interesting one on one conversation. You will not want to miss a single conversation in this segment Through these conversations, The Radio and TV Channels Jazztelia objective is to encourage, support, and implement a forum for acknowledging the diversity in arts, the artists, musicians, magazines, enthusiasts and supporters of the Arts and broadcast any future events that may be in the to part of their Itinerary.


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Petruzzi Entertainment

Petruzzi Entertainment was established in 2012 for the purpose of providing mult-services that range from consulting to productions. These services capture a variety of business areas in different venues ranging from business plans to video productions. Petruzzi Entertainment as a business entity seeks to provide growth and development in every community worldwide.

Petruzzi Entertainment as a business entity seeks to provide opportunities to other venues where collaboration on projects and through contracts will enhance the quality of each of us. The goal and objective is the focus of becoming a household name with different venues by providing quality services as a benefit to all parties involved. We as a business entity seek to provide employment opportunities with qualified staffers who are experts in their fields in representing Petruzzi Entertainment. We open our door to partner with new and existing venues for the purpose of impacting the economy enabling every community to have a voice as an opportunity to become part of our phenomenal platform.

List of Services Offered  
The services will allow all of us as venues to implement them into our business systems
• Consulting Services
• Advisor: Marketing, Management and Financial Planning
• Music Exposure and Video Production
• Business Plans
• Financial Resources
• Grant Writing
• Complete Getting Started in Business Packet
• Small Business Resources
• Education and Training
• Promotions, Support Audio/Video

Petruzzi Entertainment Connecting The World through Service Venue



Stephen Jerome Ferguson

About Me

Note from Stephen

Angelo and his staff at Radio Indie International are the most dedicated and professional people that I have ever had the honor to be associated with. They work hard promoting their radio station and the srtists that they have in rotation. All of them are like family to me and I can never have the words to tell them just how much I appreciate what they have done for me.



Indie TV Channel with Ray Stein Collaboration, is an important part of our project called The Music Factory

Indie TV Channel with Ray Stein Collaboration, is an important part of our project called The Music Factory, it also aims to promotion through the creation of LIVE events, interviews with artists, concerts, radio broadcasting, etc., and an important tool that hooks up perfectly to all the project is currently in full swing in favor of quality music and talented artists and ...


Radio Indie International LOUNGE

Radio Indie International Lounge

Radio Indie International LOUNGE and more ..., is another big project that was created with the aim of offering many hours of listening to fans of the genre Chillout, Lounge, Ambient, and all those kinds of music related to it, generating relaxation for body and soul; playlist updated every week with the latest hits of the moment and with inclusion in the rotation of artists and musical groups linked to this kind of music that will make simple request... Radio Indie International LOUNGE and more ... is listenable on Wednesdays and Saturdays  6pm till midnight, a default programming... to listen to Radio Indie International LOUNGE and more ..., simply click on one of the links below... come with us in our new world... enter the world of Radio Indie International LOUNGE and more... spread the word!


A Conversation With



Stephen Jerome Ferguson