About Us

Angelo Petruzzi

Currently CEO on Radio Indie International and President at 

Petruzzi Entertainment Development, since 2008 the year of 

establishment of the Radio Indie International (born from an 

initial project called Smooth Jazz Radio Channel), he is 

constantly reaching out in search of new musical talents with a 

focus main towards independent artists and their music 

quality; many were in these years the artists and bands 

that relying on artistic promotion not only radio, have benefited 

from substantial results in the music industry, with obvious 

benefits for their visibility and important professional 

opportunities and collaborations ... he is always willing to listen 

to new ideas and ready to new collaborations ... Radio 

Indie International - We Love Independent Artists.                                               


Rosemary Mazza Business Contact and Music Selection on Radio Indie 

International Network and Owner by Radio Indie International Lounge 

network, Vice President Petruzzi Entertainment Development She 

comes the team in March 2015 showing a great capacity in human and 

artistic contacts and maintaining constant contact between the 

artists themselves and the rest of the team; an essential and 

indispensable element accompanied by professionalism and 

experience make it to Team prestige recognized around the world. 

Rosemary, always available to new artistic contacts she is also looking 

for new talent and available to all kinds of artistic and professional 

contact. Rosemary was born in Acquaro Calabria Italy and migrated to 

Australia with her family in 1977. She has experience in running a 

successful family business and has always demonstrated a passion 

for the entertainment industry by been part of many TV series and 

movies. In 1997 studied and became a community radio presenter for 

the Geelong Region. Directed and hosted Italian news, music, and 

advertisement for the Geelong Italian Social Club. Throughout her lifetime she has always been 

passionate about music, and has developed an ear for new talents.

-Rosemary Mazza-