Petruzzi Entertainment

Petruzzi Entertainment is the main house where to be born later, Radio Indie International, Radio Indie International LOUNGE and more, Radio Indie International BLUES, and also the inspiring source of the project called "The Music Factory"; all current and future projects, are born, and born from a unique house that is rightly called "Petruzzi Entertainment"

Declaration of Establishment
            Petruzzi Entertainment was established in 2012 for the purpose of providing mult-services that range from consulting to productions. These services capture a variety of business areas in different venues ranging from business plans to video productions. Petruzzi Entertainment as a business entity seeks to provide growth and development in every community worldwide.
            Petruzzi Entertainment as a business entity seeks to provide opportunities to other venues where collaboration on projects and through contracts will enhance the quality of each of us. The goal and objective is the focus of becoming a household name with different venues by providing quality services as a benefit to all parties involved. We as a business entity seek to provide employment opportunities with qualified staffers who are experts in their fields in representing Petruzzi Entertainment. We open our door to partner with new and existing venues for the purpose of impacting the economy enabling every community to have a voice as an opportunity to become part of our phenomenal platform.
List of Services Offered
The services will allow all of us as venues to implement them into our business systems
·         Consulting Services
·         Advisor: Marketing, Management and Financial Planning
·         Music Exposure and Video Production
·         Business Plans
·         Financial Resources
·         Grant Writing
·         Complete Getting Started in Business Packet
·         Small Business Resources
·         Education and Training
·         Promotions, Support Audio/Video
Petruzzi Entertainment Connecting The World through Service Venue

Staff Contact Information

Angelo Petruzzi President @[email protected]
Rosemary Mazza (Business Contact & Music Selection) Owner Radio Indie International Lounge